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6 Person Relay from England to France (2 Way)

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Middlesborough L.D.S.ClubEngland26:161966
United Nations Relay TeamInternational24:071971
E/F 10 hrs 45 mins. F/E 13 hrs 22 mins.
Eastern Marathon SwimmingUSA29:461973
Association/(Nassau County Police)
E/F 12 hrs 33 mins. F/E 17 hrs 13 mins.
Hetzel's Texas Volunteers IIInternational17:501974
E/F 8 hrs 51 mins. F/E 8 hrs 59 mins.
Eastern Marathon Swimming Club TeamUSA31:261974
F/E 13 hrs 17 mins. E/F 18 hrs 09 mins.
Egyptian RelayEgypt17:341977
E/F 8 hrs 32 mins. F/E 9 hrs 02 mins.
Saudi Arabian Relay TeamSaudi Arabia16:051977
E/F 7 hrs58 mins. F/E 8 hrs 07 mins.
7th Regiment Royal Horse ArtilleryEngland19:401980
E/F 8 hrs 42 mins. F/E 10 hrs 58 mins.
7th Reg. Royal Horse ArtilleryEngland24:091981
E/F 11 hrs 07 mins. F/E 13 hrs 02 mins.
Belgian Channel BreaststrokeBelgium24:011981
E/F 10 hrs 50 mins. F/E 13 hrs 21 mins.
British Cross Channel Disabled TeamEngland24:141982
E/F 10 hrs 19 mins. F/E 13 hrs 55 mins.
Nieuwpoort Channel RelayBelgium25:451985
F/E 11 hrs 7 mins. E/F 14 hrs 38 mins.
West 1 InternationalEngland15:361985
E/F 7 hrs 37 mins. F/E 7 hrs 59 mins.
Egyptian Sports Federation for DisabledEgypt25:111986
E/F 11 hrs 18 mins. F/E 13 hrs 53 mins.
Scarborough Castle LDSCEngland26:431987
E/F 10 hrs 34mins. F/E 16 hrs 09 mins.
Eltham Training and Swimming ClubEngland30:061988
E/F 12 hrs 04 mins F/E 18 hrs 02 mins
U.S. National Swim TeamUSA14:181990
E/F 6 hrs 52 mins F/E 7 hrs 26 mins
Bolton Metro Channel RelayEngland28:391990
E/F 13 hrs12 mins F/E 15 hrs 27 mins
Howe Bridge Breast Stroke RelayEngland29:151991
E/F 11 hrs40 mins F/E 17 hrs 35 mins18:481992
Canadian Channel ChallengeCanada
E/F 9hrs 31 mins F/E 9 hrs 17 mins20:511993
Royal Air Force Relay TeamEngland
E/F10hrs. 06 mins. F/E 10hrs 45 mins.20:431993
Wielkopolanka '93 Polish.Poland
E/F 9hrs 02 mins, F/E 11 hrs 41mins.24:141994
Sazanami Relay TeamJapan
E/F 11hrs 01mins, F/E 13hrs 13mins19:261996
West Aussie Double CrossersAustralia
(E/F 10hrs 09mins,F/E 9hrs 17mins)25:011996
24 National Grid Ladies (2)England
(E/F 12hrs 25mins,F/E 12hrs 36mins)23:411997
Exmouth Swimming & Life Saving SocietyEngland
(E/F 11hrs 13mins,F/E 12hrs 28mins)19:251998
Pine Crest JuniorsUSA / Venezuela
(E/F 09hrs 55mins,F/E 09hrs 30mins)16:481998
Pine Crest SeniorsUSA / France / Holland
(E/F 08hrs 43mins,F/E 08hrs 05mins)24:361998
Team SakuraJapan
(E/F 11hrs 29mins,F/E 13hrs 07mins)17:481999
Adventure SeekersInternational
(E/F 7hrs 59mins,F/E 9hrs 49mins)23:182000
Fujiyama Girls 2000Japan
(E/F 10hrs 57mins + F/E l2hrs 2lmins)28:442001
CST Japan TeamJapan
(E/F 13hrs 44mins + F/E l5hrs 00mins)25:162002
Half MoonJapan
(E/F 11hrs 37mins + F/E 13hrs 39mins)
Umihime Channel RelayJapan22:342005
(E/F 10hrs 37mins + F/E 12hrs 08mins)
Team FPInternational25:592007
Andy's Ladies BHFBritish18:132013
(E/F 9hrs 21mins + F/E 8hrs 52mins)
Pip's Channel Swim TeamBritish20:402013
(E/F 10hrs 39mins + F/E 10hrs 01mins)