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4 Person Relay from England to France (1 Way)

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The Four I'sInternational10:082001
Moualla Family//2way ns/20.00Syria09:262001
Channel 4UK11:352002
Mark SawyerUK12:522002
Gordon Lewis Pugh Fan Club/Cape Long Distance Swim Assoc. VetsSouth Africa13:072002
New York Athletic ClubInternational10:532003
Condor SpoofersBritish20:002006
More Will than WayBritish16:182006
De La Mancha al CanalSpain08:422006
Team ShrimpBritish13:462006
Exeter University 2British15:382006
Peter Lloyd's Channel RelayBritish14:062006
Dawns PrawnsBritian / Sweden13:262007
Air IndiaIndia12:172007
Alder Hey Channel Swimming TeamBritish15:412008
Nottingham Leander Channel TeamBritish12:232008
Addies AquaphobesInternational12:152008
Team GribbleInternational10:272009
Two + TwoInternational13:252009
The Belly FlopsInternational12:312009
LENS TeamBritish15:352009
Marlow River BuoysBritish09:292009
Freddie FightBritish11:222009
Team Outrageous 1International12:412010
Julie Bradshaw MedleyBritish11:292010
The AquaphobesInternational14:222010
Mad Mac'sBritish16:302011
Italian DolphinsItaly12:392011
The Four SeasonsBritish13:002011
Sutcliffe Channel ChallengeBritish15:582011
Indian Airforce Delphinus 1Indian12:142012
Indian Airforce Delphinus 2Indian11:252012
Swim for KidsBritish12:302012
Famous 4British11:252012
Team ME Research UKBritish13:132012
Bourne to SwimBritish13:002012
Mambo UjasiriInternational10:402013
Red Top CosmosInternational11:292013
Oundle Channel Swim TeamBritish15:222013
Geordies Shore to ShoreBritish13:082013
Channel No.3 Pour HommesBritish13:492013
The Near Naked MenBritish14:102013
Flipping BrilliantBritish14:232013
Fantastic 4 MexicoMexico12:012013