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September Swims

Tuesday, 02 October 2012

18 Solos and 10 Relays cross the Channel

Congratulations to Chloe McCardel who has completed a 2-way swim in a fantastic time of 19h 20m.

Successful Solo Swims:

Gilles Velghe - 10h 32m

Christian Damgaard - 10h 14m

Muna Al-Sharari - 13h 08m

Alexandra Hardy - 10h 20m

Deborah Traher - 14h 02m

Cynthia Walsh - 14h 19m

Jesper Damgaard - 12h 04m

Alfredo Araujo - 11h 38m

Garry Partington - 12h 52m

Samantha Chamberlain - 13h 30m

Rob Ouldcott - 14h 45m

Will Baker - 18h 40m

Alan Clack - 11h 30m

Jamie Page - 12h 53m

Robert Bohane - 12h 04m

Mona Khatib - 13h 08m

Kamil Resa Alsaran - 13h 19m

Successful Relay Swims:

Team Tiger - 16h 56m

The Drifters - 11h 32m

The Patten Family - 11h 05m

Challenge 5:21 - 10h 50m

Bourne to Swim - 13h 00m

Icelandic Open Water Team - 12h 44m

Isonbo - 14h 10m

Team M.E. Relay - 13h 13m

Red Top Goal Diggers - 10h 56m

Penguins A Hoy - 9h 14m

Another good start to September despite the bad weather at the end of the month. Congrats to everyone!