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King of the Channel® -The Most Successful Swims by a CSA Man

The Letona Trophy awarded to the King of the Channel® for the 'Most Successful Swims, conducted under CSA rules, by a Man'.

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Matthew Webb21:451875
Edward Temme15:341934
William Barnie15:011951
Brojan Das14:431960
Brojan Das11:481961
Brojan Das10:351961
Mervyn Sharp13:421974
Desmond Renford13:081975
Desmond Renford13:121976
Desmond Renford12:021977
Desmond Renford13:351978
Desmond Renford12:331978
Desmond Renford14:011979
Desmond Renford11:421979
Desmond Renford14:091979
Desmond Renford12:431979
Michael Read17:551979
Michael Read14:521980
Desmond Renford13:481980
Michael Read15:221980
Michael Read16:481981
Michael Read15:321981
Michael Read15:451981
Michael Read12:571982
Michael Read15:051982
Michael Read18:211983
Michael Read14:531983
Michael Read14:311983
Michael Read15:281983
Michael Read14:051984
Michael Read13:241984
Kevin Murphy15:102000
Michael Read15:292004