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The Fastest Ladies Relay Team

The John & Gwen Jacques Shield kindly donated by John & Gwen Jacques for the 'Fastest Ladies Relay of the Year' Award.

** 2 Way Swim
*** First Leg of a 2 Way Swim

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Sazanami Relay TeamJapanE-F15:031985
Grand Ladies All Masters TeamEnglandE-F19:521987
Northern Ladies Relay TeamEnglandE-F10:321988
California Ladies TeamUSAE-F10:541989
Etham Training & Swimming ClubEnglandE-F13:021991
Wielkopolanki Polish LadiesPolandE-F09:481992
Wielkopolanki Polish Ladies **PolandE-F-E20:431993
Sazanami Relay Team **JapanE-F-E24:141994
Gilbert's GirlsEnglandE-F12:061995
National Grid LadiesEnglandE-F12:251996
Sumitomo MarineJapanE-F13:411997
No Award1998
Cross Channel FairiesEnglandE-F12:111999
Fujiyama Girls **JapanE-F10:572000
Arena English Channel Ladies TeamEnglandE-F09:232001
Half Moon Team ***JapanE-F-E11:372002
Julie Bradshaw Ladies TeamEnglandE-F11:562003
Julie Bradshaw Ladies 3 way TeamEnglandE-F09:282004
Umihime Ladies 2 way relayJapanE-F10:372005
Halifax S C Ladies Relay TeamEnglandE-F09:592006
No Award2007
No Award2008
No Award2009
City of Brno LadiesCzech RepublicE-F10:162011
No Award2012
Andy's LadiesEnglandE-F-E18:132013