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The Fastest Junior Relay Team

The Lada Cross Channel Cup kindly donated by Lada Cars for the 'Fastest Junior Relay Team of the Year' Award.

** 2 Way Swim

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Lada Ireland Junior TeamIrelandE-F08:401978
Bridgnorth Endowed SchoolEnglandE-F13:341979
Eltham Training & SwimmingEnglandE-F11:221983
Club Junior Team
B.L.D.S.A. Junior MembersEnglandF-E08:461984
Eltham Training & SwimmingEnglandE-F12:551985
Club Junior Team
Scarborough Castle L.D.S.C. **EnglandE-F-E26:431987
The Gregg School Junior TeamEnglandE-F10:511989
The Poznania Polish Relay TeamPolishE-F10:001993
No award1994
No award1995
Thane District A.A.A.IndiaE-F11:231996
No award1997
Pine Crest Juniors **USA / VenezuelaF-E09:301998
Egyptian LDSF Junior TeamEgyptE-F07:431999
No award2000
No award2001
No award2002
Westholme School Junior Relay TeamBritishE-F12:112003
No award2004
No award2005
Ancattra Junior TeamSpain10:442006
No Award2007
No Award2008
No Award2009
No Award2010
No Award2011
No Award2012
No Award2013